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Our Goals &What we do


We are working on three projects:


build up

Build-Up is one of the fundamental missions behind YAPA's vision.


With Build-Up we focus on the advancement of education and the academic development of the individual. Starting with people without professional prospects who, for example, do not know which career path they want to take or what they would like to do later in life? Apprenticeship or study?

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We offer insights into various professional fields in the form of a seminar, workshop or in a 1:1 consultation (also online) to find out more about the future profession and how to get there. We offer an intensive exchange between aspiring young professionals in the profession (to our events).

We clarify the educational paths in Germany

  • school-system

  • education

  • Studies/ dual studies

    • Advice and assistance in choosing a course of study.

    • Education on the topics: Bafög / student loan, support to fill out the applications.

    • Information and assistance with internships abroad (e.g. Erasmus)

    • Presenting individual scholarships and contacting them.

    • We will inform you about job offers, internships, apprenticeships, etc. through our cooperation partners.


We offer a variety of consulting programs:

  • Interview (simulation of an interview, preparation for an interview)

  • Application (assistance in writing an application, structure of the CV and preparation of the application folder)

  • Experts as contact persons in various specialist areas

  • YAPA mentors after graduation


People with a migration background in particular usually lack role models for academic development. With the build-up project, called "buddying," a person can find someone to accompany them on their academic journey. This makes it possible to have someone, especially for those who are the first in their family to study, the first child in the family, or whose parents are not academics. YAPA gives you this guide.



YGI stands for YAPA Germany Incoming and describes our project in which professionals and students from abroad who would like to work in Germany receive the necessary support, for example recognition of their certificates.


YAPA offers help to skilled workers abroad who want to come to Germany to work. Here we organize 1:1 consultations and provide you with the necessary information on where and how to find something. We provide insights into the working world in Germany and arrange contacts to YAPA specialists who already live in Germany. So far we have several doctors and teachers from the EU and other countries who want to immigrate to Germany to work here.

YAPA Germany_YGI Project.png


As part of the integration process, we work closely with organizations that work with refugees, among other things, by advising them about the work system (study, training) in Germany in one-on-one meetings with people.


language support

YAPA offer professionals, students and parents who have come to Germany from different countries an A1-B2 German course to learn the new language. These take place at the weekend-->here for our events). We look forward to your support and cooperation.



You don't know what career path you want to take or what you want to do later in life? Apprenticeship or university studies?

We offer insights into different professions and occupational fields in the form of a seminar and workshops (this also online) to help you learn more about your future profession and way to get there. We offer an intensive exchange between aspiring young professionals in the profession (to our events).

You don't know which possibilities are open to you?

We explain the educational paths in Germany 

  • School system

  • Vocational training programs/apprenticeships

  • University studies/ combined study programs

    • Advice or assistance in choosing a suitable course of study.

    • Clarification on the topics: Bafög / student loans, support in filling out the applications.

    • Enlightenment and assistance with internships abroad (e.g. Erasmus).

    • Introducing various scholarships and contacts with them.


We offer a wide range of consultation encompassing:

  • Job interview (simulation of a job interview, preparation for a job interview).

  • Job application (assistance in writing a job application, building up a CV and preparing an application portfolio)

  • Experts as contact persons in different fields

  • YAPA mentoring programs for those after leaving school for university/Ausbildung.

  1. Training of individual contact persons in certain topics.

    • internship

    • school system Germany

    • Studies / dual studies

    • Apprenticeship



Everyone who wants to develop professionally is welcome at YAPA Germany e.V. We offer seminars and networking events that provide access and opportunities for professional development. Due to the pandemic, most of our events will be virtual for the time being (to our events).

 Would you like to be a member of a future-oriented network or make an active contribution?

The YAPA network: We offer a platform of career-oriented exchange with various professionals from the same field and/or from other fields in the context of a conference, seminar and workshop nationwide

Join our free membership today.




Join our free membership 
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Together we can achieve more

Get a little closer to your future job

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YAPA Germany offers a variety of educational and professional programs to accompany you on this journey.  Through a platform of exchange with 
different professional groups (career starters and professionals) in the context of a conference, a seminar and a workshop, various professions/ career options are introduced. By so doing the skills and abilities of the individual participants are promoted and supported. This enables them to meet the high demands of the German labor market.

 Furthermore, we plan to inform about numerous job opportunities, study programs as well as apprenticeships through our cooperation with various companies.


YAPA Germany also organizes subject-specific programs such as health education, etc.


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