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Training Opportunities

Most training courses start on August 1 of each year or in February.

The team at the KAUSA regional office in Hamburg is happy to take the time to advise young people from your community on training and career opportunities. It doesn't matter whether they are young people who leave school in the summer or whether they have already graduated from school and are now looking for an apprenticeship. Parents are welcome to join us for advice.

We advise in the following languages: Dari/Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, English. Please call us to make an appointment: 040/380 38 17-33 and 040/380 38 17-30.

If you would like to know what training we have to offer, take a look at our website:

If you are interested in current studies on the training situation and dates such as training fairs, subscribe to our free newsletter, which is published twice a year:

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