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YAPA Germany Welcomes New Leadership: Hayford Anyidoho Takes the Helm

Hamburg, Germany – After three years of devoted service in establishing and overseeing YAPA Germany, Dr. Stephanie Nsiah-Dosu has announced a leadership transition, appointing Hayford Anyidoho as the new 1st Chairperson, effective March 15th.

This change marks a significant milestone for the organization as it continues to drive its mission forward under the guidance of Desmond Beddy of TopAfric.

Hayford Anyidoho brings to YAPA Germany a wealth of experience and expertise in language instruction and cultural integration. Since 2006, he has been a pivotal figure in promoting German language and culture abroad, working as a lecturer for German as a foreign language and a translator across various prestigious institutions. These include the International French School in Accra, the Goethe-Institut Accra, the Ghana Institute of Languages, the School of Translators Ghana, and the University of Education Winneba.

Aninyido's credentials are further bolstered by his certification to teach German as a second language by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in 2016. His leadership roles in integration courses at

Berlitz Language School and Diakonie Integration Center in Hamburg, coupled with his tenure as a lecturer and educational director at Astrein Bildungsakademie, showcase his deep commitment to facilitating integration and education.

Before his significant contributions in education, Anyidoho laid a strong foundation in the arts and media, with training in performing arts, radio hosting, and film production from 2001 to 2003, followed by a Bachelor's degree in German studies, translation, and teacher training from Universite de Lome between 2002 and 2005. His academic journey continued with a Master's degree in German studies and is currently pursuing a Master's in e-counseling in education at IU Hochschule Germany. Anyidoho's career is highlighted by numerous further training for teachers of German as a foreign language and his role in administering visa, pension, and consular document verification at the German Embassy in Accra. His voluntary work further demonstrates his commitment to cultural exchange and education, holding positions such as a drama educator, regional chairman for the Association of German Language (Dortmund), and project leader for examination preparation and language training initiatives.

Among his many accolades are awards and scholarships from the Goethe-Institut, the International Association of German Teachers, DAAD, and recognition such as the Amazon EU Black Empowerment Prize and the Hamburg Airport Neighborhood Prize.

As Hayford Anyidoho takes the reins of YAPA Germany, the organization is poised for a new chapter of growth and impact under his leadership. His diverse background and achievements speak to his profound ability to bridge cultures and foster educational advancement. YAPA Germany looks forward to flourishing further in its mission to support and integrate communities under Aninyido's stewardship.

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