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There are “Jobs” and then there are “Dream Jobs”.

There are “Jobs” and then there are “Dream Jobs”. Your dream job isn’t only about the money or even about what you’ll be doing all day, its about finding a place where you truly fit and a company that fits you.

Join us on this teaching; a motivational, inspiration-filled seminar with Dr. Kyei Baffour Okae, a renowned Ghanaian medical doctor in Germany.

In times of the digital revolution, the range of professions and fields of activity is huge, and all kinds of continuing education opportunities are available online or at a tolerable distance. But what really suits me? And what strategy can I use to make my "dream job" a reality? In this seminar, you will find out what talents and skills you bring with you and what your heart burns for. With the right planning, many goals are achievable. In this seminar you will learn which strategy can help you to achieve your goals and how you can plan the first steps towards YOUR dream job.

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